Friday, June 18, 2010


Last night we watched Parker for a little while,as you can see he was LOVING being the only one here:)

He had his snacks laptop watching
Barney. YA got a love him:):)


Haven't posted anything for quite a while.We have been getting together for FHE with our extended Family every 2nd Sunday of the month. It has been wonderful. The host Family decides the menu and furnishes the main part then every one else has an assigned dish to bring and the host family prepares the lesson,we have some great food and amazing lesson's.

With such a wonderful big family we have had some birthday's, Anna turned 30 yes I said 30 on June 7th our oldest grandson KASEN turned 11 on June 13th. As far as what we have been doing WORKING!!!!!!!! which we are thankful for. We go to the Temple as often as we can,we still try for every week can't always make it but we do our best:) Hoping to get at least 1 camping trip in this summer also Dave just found his Niece is getting ready to go to the Temple in a few month's he is very excited about that,hopefully we will be able to go through with her,she lives in Oregon not to far. That's about it for now, I need to be better about posting.:):):)

Monday, April 5, 2010


Addalie's 4th was in Jan

My wonderful Husbands 53rd I didn't take a pic at his party,so this is the most recent one

Cortlen's 6th party at the bowling alley

Jo Jo's 3rd

Scarlett's 1st & Tara's 25th

Justin's 31st

Almost half of our Family's b-days are in March here are some pic's, Justin's , Kathrine's and Adom's were in Feb. We are so BLESSED to have such a Wonderful Beautiful Family We LOVE them all so MUCH

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I haven't posted anything for a while but that's because We don't do anything

Saturday, December 26, 2009


On Christmas Day Dave and I made the rounds to see what Santa brought,He did good everyone was happy. We had a wonderful Christmas this year.

On Christmas Eve we all got together for dinner,we had a great time. I took a picture of each family,I think they turned out cute,We have a beauitful Family,We Love them so very much, but this is not all of us,Sarah and Adom and Aaron and his wonderful are far away,hopefully we will be able to all be together for Christmas again!!

Christmas eve and day were both really nice. Here are some pics

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Kiana made this a school

Santa Parker

Santa Scarlett

I haven't posted anything for a while,but we have had a wonderful Christmas season so far. We have done alot of great things together. We all got together for a Family Home evening on the 13th and I read the story of the birth of Christ as the grand kids put the Nativity up and then went caroling,and back to our home for dessert. We had a wonderful adult Christmas Party that was very nice great food and visiting. We also had a Beautiful Christmas Concert at Church it was wonderful. Dave and I have been watching alot of Christmas shows,that's been nice. I was sort of sad as this Christmas Season was approaching , because since I had to have surgery last year with out insurance money is very tight so Christmas presents were out of the question this year,but we have done so many other things that has really helped us to feel the true meaning of Christmas that this year has been one of the best Christmases that we have had in a long time.It has been nice also that our Ward Christmas Party was all about Christ,It was wonderful. We have gone up to the mountains for years to cut down our trees,but this year we were not able to get together so we all did our own thing(that won't happen again).I don't have to many pics but I will get some on here. We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The end of October, Dave an I went to the Washington DC Area to visit with our Son Aaron and his wife Kathrine and family> We had a wonderful time. The colors of the Trees were amazing. We got to go to the DC Temple,which except for seeing our grandchildren was the best part of the trip! We also went to the Franconia Ward ,they were very welcoming. It is nice to know that no matter where you go in the Gospel it's the same. Here are a few pics